About Us

Who Are We?

Innermost Consultancy is a professional services firm specializing in life strategies. We are personal success coaches striving for symbiotic relationships with our clients. We are passionate in helping our clients to create success in all aspects of their lives, whether in an organizational, business or personal environment.

We see ourselves as co-creating with our clients a future pull, an abundance mentality, developing them to manage themselves and the organisations in which they contribute and live by principles and strategic intent.

In terms of B-BBE (broad-based black economic empowerment) act number 53 of 2003, Codes of Good Practise and the DTI methodology, we have been verified an exempted micro enterprise level 4.

Our partners are BEE compliant.


We visualise ourselves co-creating lives of joy, fulfilment and personal freedom as well as contributing to organisational strategic fulfilment.


We are compassionate professionals inspired to:

  • Co-extract peoples’ dreams, purposes and passions
  • Co-extract organizational visions
  • Co-create purpose directed lifestyles that shape peoples’ and organizations’ futures
  • Bi-directionally align individual and organizational strategies
  • Empower people to live inspired and balanced lives through various training and development interventions
  • Empower people to positively impact on diverse social contexts
  • Realize personal-, business, and organizational strategies Accreditations & certifications