About Renee

Reneé van Wyk (Adendorff) read for an Honours Degree in Industrial Social Work and majored in Psychology at UNISA. She used her interest in the social work arena in the corporate environment, and various community development projects. She had been involved in management consulting, human resources, counselling as well as the training and development arena. Reneé had been involved in small business herself since 1995 that culminated into the formation of Innermost Consultancy from where she delivers training and personal development programs. Reneé believes in life-long learning, the development of potential and talent, and has always explored new terrains and new information. National Certifications and accreditations include ETDP and Service Seta accreditation, Assessor and Moderator registration with both Setas, Managing Member of Innermost Consultancy, Managing Member of 3 at Work; and National Project Coordinator for Junior Achievement’s Environmental Entrepreneurs programme, sponsored by HSBC. International certifications, memberships and accreditations include NBI® Brain and Thinking Preference Profiling (cognitive styles), BrainGym® and ACRE (International Creativity in Africa). Reneé is a registered member with COMENSA as a Results Life and Success Coach. Renee’ is affiliated with NLP Life Coach Training Academy, and currently busy with her Masters in NLP Life Coaching and Negative Emotional Therapy.

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When: 22 August 2014
Where: The Atterbury Theatre, Lynnwood, Pretoria
Time: 08.00 – 13.00 (www.atterburytheatre.co.za)
Cost: R 480.00 pp This includes your full NBI Adult Brain Preference Assessment, Refreshments and Four Fabulous Presentations on The Whole Brain Woman.Montage_WBW 4 quads

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All bookings have to be done (paid in full) and confirmed by the end of July, as the NBI Brain Profiles Administration requires assesment time for the four Presenters.


Limited space in the Theatre calls for early bookings.

Know yourself and know your brain.
If you know how your brain works, you can direct your own development.
If you don’t, someone else will!




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Ezazi Primary School

By Milindi Hugo (innermost)IMG-20130122-00079 IMG-20130122-00078Scholars participated and understood the manual. They were a great class to work with! Very intelligent!  

This is a school that welcomes anybody who want to help their students and school moving forward and that’s why the appreciate it more and thanked us over and over for offer our time to make it fun and educational. Big thanks to JASA and HSBC to make this possible!!!!

Practicals- Fun in the Sun

Antoinize is enjoying the practical just as much as the students! They were very creative and used originality when they made their poster and products!!

Thank you for having us Ezazi!


Bohlabatsatsi Primary School


by Milindi Hugo (innermost)

Bohlabatsatsi is a small school situated in Mamelodi. We were welcomed with open arms and warm hearts by teachers and students at the school. They are all hard working and enthusiastic. We enjoyed this school so much!! Our co-facilitator participated with every session and lend a helping hand every time we needed it.


Co-facilitatorOur fierce and enthusiastic Facilitator (ANTOINIZE HUGO)


Theory and Practical Session photo’s of participating and competing against one another to give answers and designing products and making of posters!

Moretele Primary School


by Milindi Hugo (innermost)

Scholars were very involved and participated with great enthusiasm. This school is driven and cares about the environment; the hospitality is from such high standard!!

We visited Moretele in 2012 and since then there were some great improvements regarding recycling!

They now have a recycling section specifically for plastics, cans and paper! We are so proud to be part of such a fantastic and driven program

Mamelodi-20130115-00354 This school makes us so proud to see how clean they keep it and that the recycling area is being used to keep the school yard clean…

Principle allow students to do practical in formal clothes, keeping their school uniform clean, parents happy about that..!!

Students enjoy the practical sessions so much and focusing hard to perfect their self designed products and mascots…



F.F. Ribeiro Primary School

Mamelodi-20130124-00527by Milindi Hugo (innermost)

Scholars were very involved and participated with great enthusiasm.

This school has won 2nd prize in a recycling competition in 2012. The co-facilitator in Gr6 A also enjoyed the program and tested herself throughout the theory session! Fabulous facilitator!


Mamelodi-20130123-00434And all the students of the class working hard,filling out the questions in their manual’s!!


Mamelodi-20130123-00437Practical session with the kids! Beautiful posters the kids made…



NLP COACHING: BREAKTHROUGH-The testimony of a client: Hettie

One of my clients wrote me a letter and I qoute: “I stand in awe by the simple, quick way Renee’ helped me change my way of thinking. I am rid of so many negative thoughts, rid of negative emotions that was so overwhelming… I have a total new self image and I now believe in myself. For the first time in years I can accept myself for who I am,  feel love for myself and appreciate what my creator has invested in me.”

” Courage doesn’t have to roar. Sometimes courage is the silent voice at night saying you will try again tomorrow”