About Renee

Reneé van Wyk (Adendorff) read for an Honours Degree in Industrial Social Work and majored in Psychology at UNISA. She used her interest in the social work arena in the corporate environment, and various community development projects. She had been involved in management consulting, human resources, counselling as well as the training and development arena. Reneé had been involved in small business herself since 1995 that culminated into the formation of Innermost Consultancy from where she delivers training and personal development programs. Reneé believes in life-long learning, the development of potential and talent, and has always explored new terrains and new information. National Certifications and accreditations include ETDP and Service Seta accreditation, Assessor and Moderator registration with both Setas, Managing Member of Innermost Consultancy, Managing Member of 3 at Work; and National Project Coordinator for Junior Achievement’s Environmental Entrepreneurs programme, sponsored by HSBC. International certifications, memberships and accreditations include NBI® Brain and Thinking Preference Profiling (cognitive styles), BrainGym® and ACRE (International Creativity in Africa). Reneé is a registered member with COMENSA as a Results Life and Success Coach. Renee’ is affiliated with NLP Life Coach Training Academy, and currently busy with her Masters in NLP Life Coaching and Negative Emotional Therapy.

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Situated in Zondi area Soweto,USindiso Senior  primary school is participating in the Environmental Entrepreneurship programme for the second year in a row.Received a warm welcome from the Principal,staff and learners.The school surroundings is always kept free of litter and well looked after.


Learners taking part in the theory sessions and showing much interest in the programme by the way they participate and complete activities in the learner guides.

DSC01063 DSC01062 DSC01061

Some of the messages about protecting and maintaining our environment from the eco-warriors of USindiso Senior primary school.

032 038 030 028 027 026 011 012 017 021

Eco-warriors showing their creativity by using their hands to make items from waste.

008 007 004 003

Displaying the end products from the waste materials.Now all the learners know how to REDUCE,REUSE AND RECYCLE,this is shown by the way they are creative with  materials.

024 023 015 014 006 020 019 033

046 045 044 040 025 024

The programme has been  indeed a productive and eye opening experience for the grade  6 learners.Thank you  JASA,HSBC and INNERMOST.




Selepo  Thema  primary school is a community school situated in Orlando East Soweto.The School is participating for the first time in the Environmental Entrepreneurship programme. The principal and the staff gave the programme their full support by ensuring that there was space and time to run the programme.


The learners are involved in collecting recyclable materials and they get financial resources for the school.


Learners showing their enthusiasm for the programme.

Eco-warriors get involved in saving the environment by producing items made from recyclable materials.

DSC01107 DSC01108 DSC01102 DSC01101 DSC01099 DSC01097 DSC01096 DSC01092 DSC01091 DSC01090 DSC01082 DSC01083 DSC01085 DSC01087 DSC01088 DSC01081 DSC01080

The school  and all involved would like to thank JASA,INNERMOST and HSBC for their involvement and sponsorship of the Environmental Entrepreneurship programme.





Mokorotlo primary school is situated in Mofolo Village,Soweto.Two groups participated in the Environmental Entreprenuers programme.

Learners enjoyed group work and they participated very well.They could not wait to start the practicals.

DSC01000 DSC00995 DSC00993 DSC00998 DSC00997 DSC00992 DSC00984 DSC00985

Excited and jubilant environmentally friendly eco-warriors getting down to business  putting their creativity into practice.

DSC01029 DSC01030 DSC01028 DSC01027 DSC01008 DSC01031

Eco-warriors put their products on show.

DSC01053 DSC01051 DSC01050 DSC01044 DSC01042 DSC01041 DSC01039 DSC01038 DSC01037 DSC01035 DSC01034 DSC01033 DSC01023 DSC01020 DSC01019 DSC01017 DSC01013 DSC01012 DSC01011 DSC01010 DSC01009 DSC01006 DSC01007 DSC01014

The school and all involved would love to extend the most greatful thanks to JASA,INNERMOST,and its HSBC partners for their involvement and sponsorship of Environmental Awareness programme.


Ditau is a senior primary school situated in Orlando East, Soweto. Its a small  and pleasant school with 35 Environmental Entreprenuers.

Snapshot 4 (2013-05-01 04-10 PM)

The learners showed great desire and enthusiasm during the theory sessions.They participated in all the activities and group discussions which displayed their quest to find out more about the environment.

Snapshot 6 (2013-05-01 03-53 PM) Snapshot 8 (2013-05-01 03-53 PM) Snapshot 6 (2013-05-01 03-46 PM) Snapshot 5 (2013-05-01 03-51 PM) Snapshot 2 (2013-05-01 03-44 PM) Snapshot 5 (2013-05-01 03-45 PM)

The eco-warriors showed a great sense of imagination as they took on the practicals.The pictures below show them diving headlong into their assigned tasks.

Snapshot 31 (2013-05-01 04-02 PM) Snapshot 32 (2013-05-01 04-02 PM) Snapshot 33 (2013-05-01 04-03 PM) Snapshot 36 (2013-05-01 04-04 PM) Snapshot 29 (2013-05-01 04-01 PM) Snapshot 28 (2013-05-01 04-01 PM)

Environmental Entreprenuers display their pieces of art produced from recyclable materials.

Snapshot 47 (2013-05-01 04-09 PM) Snapshot 45 (2013-05-01 04-08 PM) Snapshot 44 (2013-05-01 04-07 PM) Snapshot 43 (2013-05-01 04-06 PM) Snapshot 42 (2013-05-01 04-06 PM) Snapshot 40 (2013-05-01 04-05 PM) Snapshot 39 (2013-05-01 04-05 PM) Snapshot 38 (2013-05-01 04-05 PM) Snapshot 2 (2013-05-01 04-10 PM) Snapshot 1 (2013-05-01 04-09 PM)

The outcome of the Environmental Entreprenuers is clearly captured in the smiles and contented looks on the learners faces.Job welldone.



IMG-20130502-WA0022 IMG-20130502-WA0023

Ithute primary school is situated in Alexandra township .It boasts  the most beautiful botanical garden .One of nature’s benefits.

IMG-20130502-WA0036IMG-20130502-WA0034 IMG-20130502-WA0020 IMG-20130502-WA0018 IMG-20130502-WA0016 IMG-20130502-WA0015 IMG-20130502-WA0008 IMG-20130502-WA0007 IMG-20130502-WA0010 IMG-20130502-WA0013 IMG-20130502-WA0014 IMG-20130502-WA0003 IMG-20130502-WA0011IMG-20130502-WA0009

The first and last days of the theory when the learners were writing their pre and post tests.

DSC00814 DSC00812 DSC00811 DSC00809

Eco warriors get their creative juices flowing.

.DSC00819 DSC00822DSC00823 DSC00827 DSC00828 DSC00830 DSC00831DSC00846 DSC00849 DSC00850 DSC00851 DSC00854

The lovely finished posters and flower-pots designed by the talented environmental entrepreneurs.

The school and all involved would love to extend their most heartfelt gratitude to JASA and its HSBC partners for their involvement and sponsorship of the environmental awareness programme and hope they continue supporting such initiatives.




Dr Knak is a school that opens its arms to all who want to participate in the development of its learners,staff and the school as a whole.It will thus welcome organisations and individuals who will bring knowledge and development to the school.Dr Knak extends a million thanks to JASA and its HSBC counterparts.

Environmental entrepreneurs get down to environment thought as they go through their theory sessions .Their enthusiasm for the programme is illustrated by the way they participate.

DSC00940 DSC00937 DSC00889 DSC00845 DSC00808   DSC00806

“If you tell me I forget

If you teach me I will remember

If you involve me I will never forget.”

Eco-warriors get involved in showing their creativity by producing items from recyclable materials.

DSC00978 DSC00975DSC00971  DSC00970 DSC00969DSC00968 DSC00967 DSC00965 DSC00963 DSC00961DSC00959 DSC00957 DSC00954 DSC00953DSC00951 DSC00949 DSC00948 DSC00947 DSC00946DSC00945 DSC00944 DSC00939 DSC00888 DSC00887DSC00885 DSC00884 DSC00883 DSC00881

The eco-warriors from Dr Knak took on the programme wholeheartedly, and learnt that if you take care of the planet it will take care of you in turn, after all it is the only one with chocolate.